Adhesive Mophonic Bra

Adhesive Mophonic Bra

Did you know that 82% of ladies are wearing the wrong bra size?

We are all unique. We have unique bodies and breasts. So, why do we wear mass-produced bras?

That’s what Kristin Weaver used to ask herself every day. She never liked wearing a bra. At home, she loved the freedom of going braless, but she never had the confidence to leave the house without one.

She started telling her friends that. What she didn’t expect was that many others faced the same problems she was dealing with.

That was when she decided to create something new! After over two years of development, adhesive bra was born.

WHAT IS Adhesive Mophonic Bra?

This is a unique adhesive bra that offers the same freedom as going braless but with great support and lift. Its revolutionary design doesn’t have any bands or straps and is completely invisible under clothing. It’s perfect for a natural look under tops and dresses



Every woman knows how to put on a traditional bra, but this one is a bit different. It’s super easy and only takes a couple seconds. Here is how it works:

Step 1

Fit the non-adhesive part of the UBra to the center of your nipple and attach it to your breast

Step 2

Raise the bunny ear to a higher position and choose how much lift you want

Step 3

Stick the bunny ear to the desired


Adhesive Mophonic Bra is for those special occasions when a regular bra just won’t do.

It’s perfect for beneath a plunging necklines, deep V-necks, and backless garments.

Adhesive Mophonic Bra is also the perfect braless solution. If you don’t like to wear a regular bra, this unique design gives you both the feeling of freedom and support.

The soft and comfortable design accentuates your curves while leaving your shoulders and back bare.

It provides the support and coverage you need when moving from place to place in your favorite low-cut top or strapless dress.


With this bra, you can give your breasts comfortable support and natural lift. It’s a completely strapless solution for lifting your breasts and ensuring that naturally perky look with pretty much any outfit.

Available in all sizes

Supports and lifts your breasts to create natural cleavage no matter your size

Sweat and water resistant

Adhesive Mophonic Bra is breathable and sweat resistant. The adhesive easily lasts the whole day without coming loose.

Painless removal

Medical-grade material and natural adhesive prevent redness and pain when removing

Reusable up to 1,000 times

After use, hand wash with warm water and it’s ready to be used again.

Invisible design

Adhesive Mophonic Bra is 100% invisible and looks natural under any type of clothing

Full coverage and support

Adhesive Mophonic Bra gives you freedom without losing comfortable support for your breasts


Adhesive Mophonic Bra is available in 3 different sizes. You can select your size at checkout!

Size 1: A/AA cup

Size 2: B/C cup

Size 3: D cup and larger